Icons by Olga Ivkin


Olga Ivkin

The icons of this site have been hand-painted with a prayer and the help of God by the master iconographer Olga Ivkin of Portland, Oregon. Olga has had comprehensive formal training in fine arts at one of the most prestigious art universities in Russia, Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry.

After the formal training for over a decade she became involved in iconography after taking iconography classes in one of the most prominent Orthodox colleges in Moscow. After moving to the United States, she continued painting icons for various Orthodox parishes, clergy and laity.

For over ten years Olga’s has been blessed with an opportunity to serve God in painting His image and the images of his Mother and the Saints for many churches and homes throughout the Unted States. Olga’s icons are beautifully crafted in the traditional Byzantine and Russian styles, adhering to the essential principles of Orthodox life that each iconographer must follow. In addition to the hand-painted icons for private homes, chapels and iconostasis she paints mural frescoes on canvas, church walls and on glass.

Olga is also a fine artist, working with a variety of mediums.
You can see her art on www.olgaivkin.com.

Thank you for visiting my site

Sincerely, Olga Ivkin